Monday, July 6, 2015

A Tickling Dream I Had....

It was a No Mercy tickling dream. In it, I was the Ler.

I was at a large futuristic complex and it was the "way" of society to be tickled. That's just how it was. If you wanted to live and work in this future world, you HAD to be tickled.

I know for many, the future is modern looking with a lot of silver/streamlined shapes but in this dream, it was very Steampunk/Victorian style; copper tubes, velvet duvets, beautiful satin pillows and...a wicked Tickle Torture Chamber.

It was MY job to do the torturing of course. Sometimes I was sweet and loving (still, no mercy) and other times, I was stern, strong, and nearly militant.

I can't recall the criteria for each new "Citizen" that I tickled; only that they HAD to be - either sweetly or sternly.

Then, an annoying leaf-blower machine woke me up :(

I took a pic the other night and in honor of the satin pillows in my dream, I am posting my a pic of some satin I was wearing. ;)