Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Who am I?

My focus is primarily showcasing FUN. I am the Facilitator and Director who participates in this play and you are along for the ride with Me. My aim is to have great memories and fun that most people only dream of.

I can be stern one moment, enticing the next. Giggling first, then wicked the next. I think smart people enjoy variety. ;) 
I'm also really big on safety. We should all get out relatively unscathed haha. I'm CPR certified and doubly kinky! I know how to take you to the brink and bring you back safely. But you'll maybe wonder if you're going to make it hahah. Don't worry, you will. What's the fun if you can't keep coming back for more? 
I'm a touchy-feely Mistress who likes using my body as power so I enjoy that intimacy. There is nothing sexier than a woman without the need of a single weapon in her hand. Her body IS her power and it's so gloriously a beautiful idea, isn't it?