Thursday, June 12, 2014

There's pain and then there's PAIN!

Being a rather kinky person and sometimes switch, I can get behind a fun spanking BUT -- I was volunteering for those in need and I broke my toe! :( Talk about BAD pain. Wow. I've never broken such a tiny bone but wow wow wow the pain is pretty ridiculous.

The best part is, there's really nothing to fix it other than to tape it and ice it. How can I find a really tiny ice pack since I don't want the other toes to be iced since my feet are really sensitive. I've been using frozen paper towels and wrapping it.

My first thought was "Wow! I'm going to use my safe word!" I continued to work for three more hours because the toe went numb. The strangest part of this all is that I tried on a pair of high heel (open toe) and it actually hurt less than wearing sandals. Hmmm....thankfully it's not a super bad break and I can still have fun, I think. ;)